Rubber nose guard


I have the rubber nose guard on my fiberglass body. In the heat it has began to peal off and appears the adhesive is coming off. This was a used body but seems it was put on with actual adhesive not the 3m style backing. My question is what adhesive can I use to reapply it and it hold? Thanks in advance.
When applying the cove molding nose guard I suggest riveting one side, then while mounting it be sure to pull and stretch it across the span of the nose, then rivet the other side as well. We use a heat gun to slightly warm it up so it conforms nicely to the nose.


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We just use the cove board molding that already has adhesive on it. Peel & stick simplicity - no rivets needed. Lasts a solid season or more. If it starts looking a little rough, just heat it up with a heat gun to loosen the adhesive, and replace it.

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