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While I'm in the posting mood. Here is something different I did at the local track with very few rules in the flathead class. 5hp block, stock side cover, stock carb with only a exit bore check, stock 5hp, stock flywheel and the kicker "any head". I asked about the any head rule and I got a snobby reply, "ANY HEAD". So be it. here is the result. Only stickler was the stock 5hp valves. Look at the base of block under int manifold. You will see two stock valves protruding out of base held with set screws. They didn't say where or that I couldn't have extra valves. Deemed legal for the season according to rules as written by track tech man.

Trying to make the world a better place by bring Flathead and clone people together. He he. I like a good challenge. Being a Tech man myself I like a good rule set. Just was making a point on bad rules to the track.


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Why , i know because you want too challenge yourself and common misconceptions of what can be done .
Personally I Love it very cool .
I could not make out the extra valves :confused: thats something i would like to see in person or even detailed still pictures .(y)(y)(y)
Valves are on opposite side of carb and tank. When I move around the engine you can see the heads of them sticking out of block base in between mounting bolts.
If you notice on top of valve cover is a fuel pump mount. That's not a clone left over. I have a flathead carb I mated a clone fuel bowl to that eliminates the Briggs fuel tank. I didn't think the world was ready to see that yet. It was a fun project for sure. The next year the rules were a little more specific at the track. Flathead made 16hp just putting the clone head on it. Oh, ya the valves were a lot easier to tech in their position. Didn't have to tear it down.

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Nice to see that there's still some innovation going on.... Y'all should get into UAS racing. :)
Actually the Buller kart we are running in Vintage had all the body work on it when we bought it. We are thinking about putting it back on for a local open class Halloween bash if they will let us run twins. I'm thinking when the 206's start accumulating used short blocks the open classes will experience a resurrection on innovation. I also have a Olson X frame sitting in the corner if we decide to go big someday. I won the Missouri State Dirt championship in 1984 with twin briggs and Greg Olsons first x frame kart he made. Now you know where my Forum handle comes from. I worked in a pattern shop at the time. We had our own foundry and I made a v mount and had both motors tucked on the right side of kart. I only have one picture of the kart and it is on the track during the Championship. Went on to put twin super stock flatheads on it and ran the open class in the Midwest until I found myself 15' in the air and saw kart tumbling beside me at Jimmy Carters track in Oskaloosa Iowa at a big 4th of July race. Last time I raced. First time I met E C Birt in person. Also met his Moonshine jug, liquid courage is what he called it. Good friend. I use to cast his carb adapters for him. Send him a gunny sack full of them at a time. Still got the patterns. Figured out my kids had time to heal, I needed to work to put beans on the table.