rumor or not

I agree but I talked to a trackowner and he was telling me this info, I would like to know if anyone for sure I have a limited at the builders now and if that's the case lets punch that puppy out.
Punch that block and let us know where this track is. I always enjoy the sound of a straight pipe with 80 over with 348 E.C carb on dual bearing turning 10,500 can you say YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Heck now that I am thinking I know where there is 2 unlimited FH big bore in a showroom in this guys collection these were built by CLEMENTS himself
Heck....I don't care if it's a .030 or .100 over rule, I'm just excited to see the FH limited modified class starting to show signs of a "come back". If you like 4cycle kart racing, you gotta be getting goose-bumps when a field of 20 or more of those bad dogs are pulling out on the track for round of "getting it down". mufflers either! When limiteds are called to the grid seems like everyone starts running to the fence to hear, smell, and cheer on these awesome machines. Dug out my two FH limiteds from storage and plan on refreshing them for 2014 season. Can't wait to bust the gas on them again! How about guys.......lets get all of them back on the tracks.