RWYB at Dirt Devils this weekend....Who's interested?


Last call for some sort of Outlaw class this weekend at Dirt Devils.

Psychodog is in. Troy was talking about it. Ron Anderson and Ron Delance lets get something going this weekend. Justin take the weight off and come over.
Jack, John, Phil and Mike....

Haven't heard to much here about running Dirt Devils this weekend. Personally I have several options for weekend adventure.

1. Gasparilla Parade. Includes pre and post parade party at my house for a couple of hundred college kids. Not sure my heart can take it!
2. Race Dirt Devils with some local friends if they speak up.
3. Go prep Speedway Park and open it up for practice.

Please advise me what I should do!


Got luck eith your hernia surgery, Mike. I have had a disk hernia for mire than 10 years but I even ran a marathon with it. I just need to be careful with certain moves and keep cold off this area.