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New to Karts, we are running in RWYB class. We can run any tire and have been running Burris 33a cause we were lead to believe that was the only tire allowed. We noticed others on Hoosiers, Maxxis and Vegas. What is the best tire to run? Track is hard dry slick! Thanks!


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That depends somewhat on the track and your ability to work tires.
Hard dry slick could well be best on Hoosier or Vega Yellows.
Maxxis will require considerable internal work (especially on low bite midwest tracks.) If you're racing higher bite tracks with bigger car counts, then I'd agree with Earl on Maxxis.
Rarely is a Burris 33 going to be the "choice" tire, but certainly can be the case.

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Thanks for the info, I didn't think the burris was the best choice.
Keep in mind it just may not be the 33 your using, meaning how fresh it is, If and how it's cut, how it's been prepped, I've seen just getting on the RIGHT 33 pick up over 1 full second on a 12 sec lap track.


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^ That, right there, is the key to making Burris fast.
We cut more Burris tires than all other tires combined through our shop.
We've proven time and time again the difference between; cut and sticker tires, the right cut and the wrong cut, the right date code and the wrong one for the track conditions will make you go from a zero to a hero.
There is no way you will pick up a full second in your engine department (within the rules,) while I've seen it happen over and over with just simply bolting another set of tires on the car.