Saturday Night Race August 31, 2019

Saturday Night
August 31,2019
Gates open at 12
Practice at 2
Qualifying at 4

Red Plate One Free Entry $50.00 Purse
Red Plate Two Free Entry Trophy

100% Pay Back Classes are $25 Entry
Clone Medium
Senior Stock
Jr. 1 Warm Up
Clone Super Heavy
Jr. 2 Warm Up
Jr. 3 Warm Up
Clone Sumo Heavy
Pro Jr. 1
Senior Animal Champ
Pro Jr. 2
Pro Jr. 3

Predator Medium $200 to Win
$30.00 Entry

Clone Heavy $150.00 to Win
$25.00 Entry

Predator Heavy $250.00 to Win
$35.00 Entry

Pro Clone Super Heavy $250.00 Purse
$35.00 Entry

Pro Clone Heavy $500.00 to Win
8 kart Minimum
$50.00 Entry

We hope to see everyone!


What is Red Plate gear rule? And can we possibly break them down into a Beginner Red Plate if necessary?