SBC Tire Cutter

Harbour freight has all the parts...that is where the main lathe machine comes from...other than stores have all the pully parts and bearings to fit it....
I offer just about everything needed for the SBC cutter. If I don't have it in stock I can get it faster than most. I also can copy competitor tires and make a template for you. feel free to give me a call if you like.

Pro 1 kart and supply
Jerry (989) 205-9422
I traced out our templets n traded them out for paid membership on bobs one time....I could do that again if you are planning to make your own templets...and we have a few of our own that have been made better than the first ones made...we have generation 2 SBC machine hopped up to our needs to make tire profiles better...and Carlson has the best bits for this machine around...
if you do one yourself its around 1200....they use to sell them for around 15 to 1800.....without templets...they were 30 and 40 each...had 4 at the time to buy with it extra....2 right sides, 1 left rear and a left front....we have made 2 new improvements over the last few years....

I am assuming you are talking about the SBC style cutter. If that is the case then here you go: My cutter is $1500.00 and comes with your choice of 3 templates. Templates are sold for $30.00 each. Now if you are wanting a Jones style cutter then you are looking in the price range of about $4000.00.. If you get with Larry Jones he can give you more info on his cutter. Hopes this helps!