SBR Engines

As far as I know, Brian sold SBR PowerPlants to his longtime friend and Mentor
Paul Loehr of Newburgh, Indiana.

Brian is going to finish up all previously committed work and will still build select engines at the PLR shop.

Paul has an excellent reputation for building quality small displacement racing engines and I am sure will do an awesome job for Brian's existing customer base.

I wish Brian the best in his "Retirement" ;)

You are right Micheal Curry. I was at Paul's today and he said they are moving more equipment tomorrow. Paul is a great guy and definitely knows his stuff if you guys need anything!
Paul's been around a long time. Former SBR customers will be in good hands. Paul goes by PLR and has been building his own engines for years.
We continue to get in engines through our shop for rebuilds and am genuinely pleased with the quality of machinework.
Kind of surprised by this news, yet not.
All the best to both parties involved!

Thanks and God bless,
Brian Carlson
Carlson Racing Engines
Vector Cuts
is the clone contributing to these losses ?? I heard of another long time builder we lost or are losing .... im sure there are more
The clone has nothing to do with a well known shop owner like Brian deciding to retire.
He was buliding an almost equal amount of Flatheads, Clones, and Animals.

The overall shift in karting in general was probably a greater influence on his decision than anything.
Maybe Brian will pop up on here some day and explain better.

His new endeavor...High Side Hobbies, probably had a lot to do with his decision. One of the best new indoor RC dirt tracks to hit the midwest. Guys local to me have attended races there and I live five hours away.

Most of us in this industry were shocked when Ronnie and Becky Robinson closed up Robinson Speed Shop at the peak of their success. But, Ronnie and Becky are doing better today than when involved in karting and enjoying life way more. Running a kart shop or engine business is very demanding of a persons time.

I know that early on, the clone was billed as "going to cause some builders to re-evaluate" .. i really didnt think it to be the case, but was throwing that out there as a legitimate question
I talk to Brian this wk 2 times even he switched shops my motors will be done ( by him ) no worries . Just wont be SBR anymore