scale cord

If the cable is pinched, the damaged section can be cut out and the two ends soldered back together. Scale companies' service departments do this all the time. Each individual conductor (there are probably either 4 or 5 in your load cell cable) can be stripped and soldered together, insulated on its own with heat shrink or even electrical tape (Scotch 33 is best and is rated for 600 volts per layer) then insulated as a unit- that is, covered with a bigger piece of shrink or tape over the combination of individual wires. If you have a decent soldering gun, solder, and a little experience, this is much cheaper than buying an entire cable set, as I believe most motorsports scale manufacturers require. The change in impedance in the repaired cable is negligible, and should not affect calibration.
liquid tape works good on small wires. seen telephone man use a real small crimp connector on the phone wire , wish I had a few of them.
could be just 1 wire, gotta be carful to not damage it any more when slicing it open .