scale help

Where are you? Almost any area will have an industrial/commercial scale repair company- look in the yellow pages. It will be easier to get Intercomp scales repaired, since they do things other than motorsports scales, and most independent dealers have a working relationship with them. Also, you can ship the scales back to the manufacturer for repair and calibration, but this often costs considerably more. What is the problem with them?
I'm in Greenville N.C. I'll look in yellow pages today....have had scales for over 12 years not sure company is still making scales, cant find any info online about them. One of the scale pads reads -410 when pluged up with no weight on it.
Check your wires very well- most problems with motorsports scales are in damaged wiring to pads.
AAA Scale is in Wilson- Ask for Robert Lewis
J.A. King & Co. is in Ralegh
Central Carolina Scale is in Sanford