scanner code reader


Dawg 89
need a better code reader.
hand held ob2 I have usually just confirms what I already suspected.
I need something better or maybe even a computer program that will allow changes to be made.
For example used mine nothing, took to ford garage they brought up 3 different codes.
any suggestions?
I am not sure about the US...but over here there is a place called Princess Auto, like your Harbour freight...the have a scope/scanner...that has different chips for different cars/trucks.
It is a little bit more that the oBd2 readers...$200-$300 but tell a lot more and clear,codes...and possible repair diagnostics.
mac tools task master is a decent scanner that is not bi-directional,but will give you a lot of information. It is pricey at around $1,200.00. It is way more affordable than a full blown modis,solous,or genesis,but the higher end units can command components on and off being bi-directional units which is where more cost comes into play.
1200 is probably more than I want to spend though not totally out of the realm.
bi-directional is whats needed to turn things on and off . learn a little every day
check ebay for obd2 scanners that offer live data. there are some offered too that scan abs and airbag systems for under 300.. good luck
If you have a laptop (or an android) you can pull a lot of live data with free software and any ELM327 based interface, including bluetooth. These will reset the CEL as well.
You need to be specific on what you mean by "turning things on and off". It will also depend on what make(s) of car(s) you plan working with and that's when the cost goes up.
This sounds like what I want . I can reset cel with the code reader I have. it will not give live data. also checked wifes car all clear took to dealer they scaned it 3 different codes that the other did not get.
I have laptop
where would I search for the software and what exactly is a elm 327interface? a cord to connect laptop to obd port
ELM327 is the most common "generic" OBD II interface "language" and will pull any live parameters that the car makes has elected to send over OBD. If you search ebay using that term if you will see a rake of cables that will work.
Looks like you have a Ford, you could also use forscan an ELM327 interface to give access beyond that of generic OBD software.
I think picking up an ELM327 and a copy of forscan would be a cheap way to see if you can get what you want.

Keep in mind a lot of guys on pinks or whatever may not be connecting to the original ECU, but rather something like megasquirt. It varies.
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ford and chevy would get most though the misubishiis a problem at the moment