Scuffing tires?


best way to scuff tires if you don't have access to a track? need to get a set scuffed so i can roll them before maxxis midwest this weekend.
Will running them around on concrete for a few minutes be too much? i have access to a nice parking lot.



You can definitely use a parking lot. Make 5 laps and see how they look, then make more as needed


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Just pop em on the rear axle run it up to 2000 and hold a belt sand roll onto the tire. I start at 36 and finish off with 80 or 120.
Or just use the belt sander.
an old time told me to wash new tires in gasoline. Regular unleaded will do any octane. works to get the mold release off the tire.

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There is a difference in Scuffing tires and finishing, re-finishing ( sanding tires ) as for scuffing ( putting a run on them to heat cycle ) that can be done after rolled just so it's before the race, I would want to scuff dirt tires on dirt, to finish, re-finish them keep them wet DO NOT OVERHEAT THEM, I would not use anything more course than 150 grit, and finish with 240 grit.
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Another thing not clear , is . Are you scuffing to roll outside or inside and the reason why your scuffing .

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If he's actually scuffing there is only 1 reason ( to heat cycle them ) If this is not done and just raced on most tracks the tire will give up before the end of the race, If he's sanding the surface it would be to accept outside prep better, does not need done to internal roll.