Scythe for Big Kid, Clone 425-450

I wanna play to! We've been running my kid this year and I am truly enjoying watching him develop as a driver. But I'm a driver, never really been content as the crew. I've haven't raced karts since I was a child in the 80's, but they sure look hella fun. I figure why not?

So we been riding this 20 Scthye and we're pretty happy with it. What about us Big Kid:? I'm 260, 250 on a good day. I've seen my friends almost win races 30 lbs over when they run multiple classes so I know its possible to be competitive. But does the Scythe do well with heavier riders and classes or is there another chassis manufacturer or PRC Model I should be looking at?

I'd like to to stay on the same Chassis as my son if I can. I figure I'd gain something to adjust his Kart from my track time. Plus if he wrecks his, I can just put him on mine. and there won't be a learning curve.

I think if I can pull this off I would scratch my itch and build upon an already solid bonding experience.