Seat mounting help for a jr driver


It's not too often I get stumped trying to figure something out ,but this ones got me ! I just got a kart for my little guy , and mounting the seat looks like it's going to be a bear . I'm pretty sure bottom of seat needs to be even with the top of frame rails , but seat struts appear that I'm going to need something special . Do you want the driver in this case to be laying back a certain amount , or is a more up-right position better as it relates to handling? and what do you do for seat struts ? He's 55lbs and about 49inches tall if it helps .
That Small you will have bottom Higher and be setup more like 10" off the rear axle, and put all weights on the seat, but like ask to tweek it should know what chassis and Year, older chassis set-up vs newer is different.
I use a sheet of plywood on the kart stand and lay a 2x4 on the flat side and rest the seat on it to get the distance from the bottom. Seems to work for us.
I 've come to find out that the little guys need to be some what comfortable, as far as there helmet not hitting the back of the seat and being able to see over the steering wheel. jmo
How are you Mike ? and yea , I'm probably going to have to get a pair of adjustable seat struts and go from there ! 12 " off the axle still seems pretty low for a 7 yr old but I never had this experience before , I'm hoping for a happy in between where he can still be comfortable !
Tim, my girlfriend runs my 04 ultramax (Todd's old blue kart), have a small short chavous in it, bottom is like how I mount my Sr seats, back is 11 off the axle with two 5# high on the back of the seat. Spine is a few inches right of the rotor like umaxs like with equal weight on each side 55 left perfect.
Seat cradle systems or a wiggy bar type setups and adjustable seat mounts all help. I also use big plastic spring loaded clamps to hold seat in place while I measure it all out. Remember if your steering mount is non adjustable then flip the block to lower it... Sometimes mounting the tach in a different location helps them see... Driver comfort it a must so maybe plop the little one in the seat in the general location of where you want it.
It's all coming together how this is going to work out , made myself a temporary jig to help support seat , and have a couple adjustable seat struts on the way . Hopefully his feet will just clear the tie rods for pedal mounting , other wise fitting pedal risers and a floor tank will be the next ordeal !!! Thanks everyone , and have a Merry Christmas and Great New Year , and be safe if traveling !
You can bend, cut, and tap the rods... I had to make a complete new set. I also had an issue with the fuel tank and the steering rods. It was the large alum type tank. I had to dent the front so to speak with a ball peen hammer so the rods will clear. Good luck and Merry Christmas back at ya.
Thanks Pavehawk , hopefully I can get a 2.5 quart aluminum tank still , which will free up a lot of room , and if need be I will get a floor pan mounted throttle bracket . Need to get him in the kart , but it's suppose to be a Christmas surprise , and it may just come early !