seat placement

With a driver that is 6-2 what would the drawback be if any in razing the height off the axle as well as moving the seat back.
The drawbacks all depend on track conditions, raising the seat off the axle should make it transfer harder to the right front, moving the seat back raises the rear %. What chassis are you running ?
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To a point, I'm 6' 2" and run mine 8.5/9" off the axle on a flat low bite ss11 track. I play more with camber than anything. I'm 205#, I get my seat as far forward as I can and center it in the kart, 46 nose 56 left no weight added... Light and mediums I run over weight (365#) then add weight evenly to the sides of the seat for heavy and super heavy and have run very well all year in all 4 weights