seat widening


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Can somebody explain to me what to use to widen the seat. I tried a bottle jack and a torch but i got scared i was gonna burn the seat. I kept putting heat to it all across the outside of where I wanted the seat to relax but it just started smokin really bad and didnt work. Am I doing it right?
That's about all you can do. Leave the tension on it for a while it takes time. How much are you trying to get out of it? I've never had much luck getting more than an inch or so.
If you have access to a heat gun it will take a longer but wont have the worry of the open flame just an option for you I did mine with a open flame and a texas summer day
Take one of your tires and couple of 2x4s. Place the tire in the seat with a 2x4 on each side and gradually inflate the tire until the seat is at the desired width. A heat lamp or heat gun will help speed up the process. Let the seat cool before deflating the tire. Good for maybe an 1 1/2" at the most
If Seat small enough fit in old stove put in oven on 350 degrees .for about 20 to 30 mins . Make sure you have a 2x4 in seat were you need it . If you don't have stove .get you some thin sheet metal or flashing from lowes .trim it to fit were you got heat it with torch .it will help keep from burning the glass .
this may be a dumb remark but it was never mentioned is it a fiber glass seat? or plastic? in either case open flame has never been my option, but i use a bottle jack with 2x4's for end pieces /heat lamp,gun/ and once ive moved it to what i need i give it a little extra and let it set for a couple days to cure back out because the heat is just reactivating the hardener/resin to let the mat flex again let it settle and dont be in a rush before you release the pressure.