Sector One 4Tech Oil


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Has anyone tried the new Sector One 4Tech oil ? I ran it in my last couple of races in LO206 and found it to be pretty good. I liked the Quick Shot bottles they have , I don't have to measure just empty the bottle in. I change my oil after every race so this was very convenient to me.

I was using the Briggs 4T and didn't have any issues with it other than the cost. I sent a sample out to have an oil analysis done and found it had more zinc and phosphorous than the 4T and the shear was better. It may be my imagination but I think it came up to full rpm faster because of the Teflon content. I haven't opened the cases yet because I think I can get another season out of this engine but I'm hoping I've found the best oil for my LO206.


A trial w/o witnesses is like racin w/o tech
I am not promoting this but this is racing:)
If there is an oil that makes more power people will use it unless it is responsible for either shortening engine life or outright destroying the engine.
In fact there will be some people that would use an oil that they know will shorten engine life if it makes them faster for a while.
You need only look at the people that use way less oil in the crankcase than recommended because they feel or have been told it makes them faster.
For some people replacing an engine is no big deal. It's part of their racing program. It's just like replacing tires or buying a new chassis. If that's what it takes to win, so be it.
Briggs 4T has proven to be a very good oil.