Selling Used Animal engine poll???

I am going to be selling our Mishue Animal motor at the end of the season, we have one more race this weekend. I am debating on having it rebuilt before I sale it or sale it as is. So I am taking somewhat of a poll to see which way most people would likely buy the motor. I see pluses and minuses to both.

If I sale it to someone knowing it needs a rebuild the price obviously would be cheaper, but they don't know what their rebuild bill could be depending on the condition of the motor, but they have the absolute assurance it is a fresh motor, and from the builder of their choice.

If I sale it rebuilt I have to pay the $400-$500 rebuild and pass that price on to the buyer, and it seems used Animal prices are coming down so I may only be able to sale it for barely over the rebuild price. Also the buyer has to take my word that it is fresh with no runs. I see ads often like only 1 run since fresh or 3 runs, and you have to take their word. The thing may have 2 seasons on it.

I have sold a flathead and clone before both the first way, needing a rebuild.

So just curious which way most people would like to buy a used engine?
Price is everything these days. Taking a chance on an engine that is in need of rebuild is risky. I had a guy ask me to look at his animal engine for a rebuild. It cost more to rebuild it than to purchase another one. Purchasing an engine that is rebuilt is also risky because not everyone pays attention to detail when rebuilding. Anyone can say an engine is rebuilt but was it done correctly. i wouldn't purchase a rebuilt engine unless it was done by a reputable name and then I would want the name and be able to contact him. I purchased a clone from a guy on here that said it was rebuilt by a reputable name. Fresh never ran. lol!!! The engine was fresh but I kept blowing sidecover gaskets. Come to find out that it had solid dowl pins and it broke the block at the top pin. Learned my lesson the hard way.
I don't understand ...... All of my engines (clone. Flatty. Predator) have always had 2 solid dowel pins in the side cover for alignment how could that make it blow gaskets? Also never have had that issue
I would say sell it the way it is. Someone might buy and want to take it to their builder or build there own. In the long run you will be out less money and you will be honest with the buyer and they will know what they are getting.
Sell it as is and be honest about how many race nights on it and what's inside it (bore size, cam, billet rod, generation, PVL etc.) These are the question everyone seems to ask about an animal me included.
I'd sell it as is. I would never buy an engine on here and just run it thinking it was "fresh." That way you can have your builder go thru it and then you know what it is when you race it. Doing it that way has worked very well for me.

I think too often people on here are convinced they are going to buy something new for $200 and get everything they want.
Kevin pm me your asking price.I am wanting to use this in my tech inspector training(for my own use and knowledge) it being a mishue engine it is what I need.Thanks Greg Paul
Sell it needing rebuilt, if you refresh it you wont be able to get the money you need to make anything..This lets the customer choose who they want, what they want done, and if the builder didnt do something right its on them and they can deal with it, instead of you getting a bad reputation for the builders mistake.