Senkaku Islands, this can get real bad


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Until last year China put little effort of claim on the Senkaku Islands, owned by a family in Japan, treated to Japan after the war and used as a bombing range by the US military. But when the family sold the Islands and it's rights to Japan in 2012, China all of a sudden laid claim to the islands and are now including them in their protected territory, leading to the no fly zone. The net of it is China has claimed the islands used by the US military for bombing practice from Japan and it is a bad situation. It appears to me China now feels it has the strength to challenge our military and see if we back down appeasing them by giving them additional territory. I have not researched it, but I'd bet at this time of the year China is also due to have some sort of joint military exercise with North Korea. If so it will be a test of our ability to meet a two front challenge from the Chinese mainland.
" We owe them too much money", now there's a classic idea....maybe we can default on them and ruin their economy too.
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I think all this military posturing is just for show. Something to distract us and hold our attention while they concentrate on their real agenda. Achieving economic dominance over us by destabilizing our currency so as to supplant it with their own as the recognized world trade currency. This would be a boon for them and absolutely devastating for our economy. Our standard of living would plummet causing much discontent, possibly destabilizing the country and eliminating the US as dominate force in the world.

In other words, Destroy us without firing a shot, and become the new world leader. After all who could challenge them after we are dealt with?
They have been stockpiling gold like crazy and are even allowing their citizens to buy it as well. You know they will take it from them eventually. Oil prices would immediately go through the roof if the world currency changes. It was once the British Pound Sterling, then the dollar, nothing lasts forever.
Although if the price of oil goes through the roof, public pressure may force the current administration to let us use and acquire our own natural resources, I suppose? Sabres are sharp even if they're just being rattled....
They will do something to appease China. American financial interests are making tons of money off of trade with China and China is making tons of money off of Americans. Everyone knows that those with the money control the government.