seraph vs platinum vs triton

Would it be smart decission to sell the seraph and get a platinum or triton or millenium I am new to karting
Probably since you are new id not spend a penny on another kart until you and pretty good with tires and the prep game. As far as the best kart, it depends on your tires being right as to get all the speed out of any kart. Phantom has a lot of tritons out now being its their newest so you are bound to bere about more wins on a triton. Platinum seems like a real fast kart to me. Also given that there are probably less of the out there then tritons and seraphs they still rack up a bunch of wins and take home a lot of money.
Triton owner here kart is user friendly ..... seraph sold it fast if tires are under it but if u miss it load it up and go home..Platinum soon to find out wer going platinum. ..
love my seraph but if your tires are not right on the money pack it up and go home i'd rather run my Triton i will soon know how the platinums are