Yes it is a good kart! But if you can find a triton that will be a better kart. I think you could do well on the seraph with a little work though.


If you can get them to roll there fast. We fought a push all yr. Giving it one more yr to try to fig it out if not ours is going up forsale next fall. Very tire sensitive.
Its not anymore tire sensitive than the Triton IMO. Put the correct numbers in the Seraph and it will go.
It doesnt have the speed potential like the Triton on a hard fast track, but for a local Sat. night race, the Seraph will go.


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Soco I will be running it at paradise for their New Years race could you send me some good numbers to start with


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Those numbers are a good start, but if no one has told you, you will need an x-factor LF spindle to get that high cross number. Don't try to get it with the pills in the LR. Make sure they are holes DOWN. Our seraphs really like a LR tire that was 10 points or so harder than the RR, but there are different opinions on that. Our seraphs loved the short tracks more than the big tracks.


RR seat strut at 4" off motor rail, front 3/4" left of center.
58.5 L
65-67 C, if open tires...60-62 on El tires
48 N
3/8 LF Camber
3 RF Camber
7-10 Caster

Good #'s right here. We usually ran ours with 1.5" front stagger and 7/8'' to 1'' rear stagger. For Paradise you will need more like 1 1/4" rear stagger though since the turns are so tight. If not you will have a little push


The Seraph is a good kart and it's very fast. It is more tire sensitive than the Triton and it's a bit harder to drive as well.

The biggest issue I see with an Elite Seraph for $900 is the price seems too good to be true. I'd check it over very carefully. If it's straight you got a heck of a deal.