Dawg 89
Watching American Flat Track Racing .
They constantly talk setup .
They talk tires .
Only two tires , no camber , no caster ,very little % change possible slight frt and rear maybe .
Possibly caster / trail via fork change .
In conclusion they can adjust , air pressue , tire profile , tread depth and durometer .

Kart racers thought they had it bad .
Still the fast ones are fast and the slow ones are slow .

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
Spring rates, damping, rebound, gear ratios, throttle linearity, timing advance / retard, body position, Cg.... Shoot, even human running has setup changes! :)


For castor/trail change, you change the upper and lower fork crowns that the fork legs fit into. Been through that with motocross and dirt oval bikes, never bothered with road race bikes. Ted summed it up nicely.

Oh, and we forgot the strap-on steel sole for the left boot for dirt oval. :)