Setting Rocker Arms


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What are the clearences for setting valves on a clone green stripe spring..
My problem is no matter what gear I run or jet I can't turn over 5900 rpm.
Would spring bind cause this? I have them set at. 003 right now and springs are new...
Any help or digestions would be great.
Thanks in advance.
Carburation is probably more to do with the rpm limit you are experiencing. Lack of enough fuel @WOT will keep it from going higher.
Thanks...I have tried a 40 jet and a 38 jet and the adjustment screw is
Just for low end right? This is a small pipe clone but I think it should turn more like 6200-6400 or am I wanting to much out of it?Or could it be I locked the kart down? It handles great where ever I put it on the track
But guess it would if it was
You set the lash when its hot or cold? When I set my lash when cold engine at .003 it turns out to be around .006-.007 when hot. So then I set them at .000 or .001 or just to where you can still turn the pushrods by fingers. Then when it gets hot it will open up to .003. Just a thought.

Have you visually checked for coil bind with valve cover off and turning motor by hand? Is it close?
I set them cold at .003 and now will try the hot method and will also check binding with cover off this time but ! more question what height should the spring be I know when buying them new its worth to pay to have them checked just don't know the legal height. As far as the cam I don't know it is an KSR engine that I picked up that supposedly had 4 races on it and fresh springs .When I got it it about broke your wrist off starting it found the exhaust valve at like .035 and intake at .06 so I adjusted them. starts much easier now and still have my wrist intact.
Appreciate the advice.