Setup for a '08 phenom on coke syrup clone class heavy


Going indoor Columbus and fort wayne and need a little help.

this is What I ran b4 (once) kart was not bad but took off slow.

60% ls
47% nose
68% cross
+1.25 lf
-3.50 rf
2" stagger rear
1 1/4" frt

I only have done a year of dirt racing and only one time indoor. Any help would be great.
Most I know on syrup keep the camber at +1/2 and -1.75. After that some run low 60's cross and some low 50's (both can perform well) and vary the left between 60 and 65 left depending on the grip.

At columbus you need to track down the right prep. Find Chaffin they run slacks stuff they should have the right prep to run on concrete at ft wayne and columbus. Also, pay attention to caster throughout the day especially as the day goes on. Your left is to low baseline it at no less than 62. Stagger needs to be higher at columbus. 2.5 rear and 2 front. your cross around 60 should be okay but might need a little more. Get your lr low on rubber very low. Your setup for columbus will be extremly different than ft wayne. Ft wayne is a whole diffferent monster. 33's should work at columbus to win you can run them about three times before you need fresh tires. Fresh doesnt mean new. Good luck tough place to run up front at.