Setup help

Thats the issue the back spacing can change .
Two options set it for the deepest wheel and forget it . Or adjust each time you change wheels .
Ok 3 buy another identical wheel
I don't want to run different wheel sizes.

My offsets measure
Wheel width 8 3/8 offset is 3.0”
Wheel width 8 3/4 offset is 3.5”

Which wheel should I use?


Dawg 89
Good question . Problem is there can be a handling / lap time difference .
The narrow 3 " back space wheel . Too start .
The wider one will change the tire spring rate .
It would also free the chassis up.
The hub movment will marginally affect the axle spring rate as well .
What size wheels should be used for this measurement? I have two LR sizes.
I have 8 3/4" and 8 3/8".

I get two different measurements based on the wheel that I use.
That's the purpose of measuring it, scale with whichever one gives you your needed rear stagger, then If at a race you switch to the other move the LR hub accordingly to keep the 3/4" from inside of wheel to the cassette hanger. But I'd recommend getting all the same LR wheels which I would use 8 1/2 " wheels, which have a 3 1/2 " back set.
So as long as the wheels are the same the hub position will not effect balance so much? If that’s the case I shouldn’t worry about my currently location in the RR. 4.45 mm 3/16”.
Yes they have an effect that's why you set them first, because the effect goes with the rest of the set up, adjusting them can be used as a minor tweek an 1/8 " other than that it's just a bandaid effect, set them and forget about them as long as nothing moves and same wheels.
, 1 1/2 " front stagger, rear stagger track depended ( to scale have tires staggered and air set at 6lb rights 5 lb lefts
Got the wheel hubs and seat setup. I feel good about the seat.

looking at stagger now. Currently I only got one set of tires. (Tire man not calling me back)

Current Stagger
Front 1 5/16
Rear 1 3/8

I’m just trying to get him with a decent little setup for his first time out. What kind of stagger would you recommend on the back?

Planning to run at Clay City Ky. It’s a 1/5 mile with a nice bank in thr