Sheep foot?


There is a track south of me that uses a pneumatic packer
He had a picture of it on his website. I don know how he goes about using it. It seems like it you knew how to use it it would work good. I don't know.

racing promotor

That type roller could be used for initial pack in to get it tight to be graded, but not used as a weekly run in vehicle most likely as ground ( track ) is not consistant enough on compaction to stay smooth enough, it would leave it rough.


You don't need a sheep foot, just more moisture to start out with and some calcium would help or at least laundry soap in final water, NO track will hold a second groove without running it with karts, practice 5 laps high groove then 5 laps now groove same session ever class you'll get a second groove.
You know he's right look at coleridge speedway on YouTube. Sheep's footed sounds like rumble strips no 2nd groove.

Gotta run one in. Then have a field of drivers willing to stop catfishing. The drivers build their groove. Only people who they can complain to is each other for not getting off the bottom.


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Im with Racing Promotor on this. Treat the outside groove so its the fastest way to get around there when you wheel pack and practice. Spend less time working the bottom. It will come around. Seems like most tracks do just the opposite and treat the outside lane as just a runoff area.

Ted Hamilton

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I think the track prep team thinks of it as a way to keep the track wet but hard packed. The water sits in the holes and absorbs instead of running off at places with more banking. Also on the racing end you have less surface area to get ahold of