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If you do not have a commercial account with FedEx or UPS, then your best bet will probably be with the post office -- as long as you're not overly concerned with the delivery time. Retail counter; FedEx will be slightly cheaper than UPS.
Better yet is Spee-Dee available in the midwest. MUCH cheaper, but limited delivery area.

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Box size is a big multiplier . 4 small boxs might be cheaper then one big one .
At least you won't have to add a bunch of protection packing which adds weight .
I have heard they charge extra if not in there box unconfirmed though . I alwasys packed in whatever worked best .
Each package ive sent was always more then the online calculator .
Like Brian said shipping through someone with an account is cheaper .


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Quick FYI.
The post office now upgrades anything over 13oz's to priority .
the 5 dollar box is now 7.90 .


What’s this USPS retail ground I keep seeing when I look up quotes?

About 5 years ago I used to be able to send stuff standard post with tracking, sent 3 full loop bumpers to Tx from Pa for like $6 wrapped in shrink wrap, now it seems like they force everything priority even when you physically go to the post office?

Last box of tires I quoted was actually $2 cheaper through UPS, went post office for convenience