Shipping wow


old fart
I know Granger is generally high priced but has everything. I bought an item via Granger because they had a decent price for it.

It is a 20' long drainage pipe which will have to be shipped to me freight. The freight cost me $78 and Grainger simply placed an order with the supplier at what ever cost they negotiated. Tracking said ABS freight was the shipper. But ABS contracted with another shipper to carry the pipe to UPS freight for delivery. Just seemed cool to me that one shipper who got a contract could probably make money moving the shipment through two other carriers without having to do anything other then find another carrier and all for $78. Maybe my shipment is a loss to ABS because they were not able to handle it themselves and had to go to others for help? Might ABS maybe take a loss on my shipping to keep a major shipping contract with Granger?

Now it's the future to see if they put my item on a small enough semi trailer to be able to make it down my winding dead end. ... :)


Dawg 89
a smart truck driver would stop and walk in too see what there in for .
The rest just Barrel on in then say How am I gonna turn around.
Keeping the contract would be prority #1


Dawg 89
Just happens i need a exhaust gasket . O Rielly has a fel pro 7 bucks , not in stock . 8 dollars to ship .
They also have two knock offs , one in texas one in atlanta .
Both here tommorow zero cost , one in the morning the other after noon .
Oh yea 6 bucks for 2 .