shop break in not holding team back

Last week the Southern Ohio Motorsports shop located in Blanchester, Ohio was broken into and a police estimate of $70,000 worth of parts, merchandise, tools/roller cribs, large air compressors, tires and wheels, house and customer engines, tires and other misc. items were taken. The local police determined that the theifs had a planned agenda and used more than one vehicle or had a large trailer to haul away the amount of property that was taken. The SOM staff is still pushing forward to deliver excellent service to their customers we are taking orders and machine/engine tech tools have been ordered and are on the way! As of today we are gradually building back what we had and anticipating the 2014 season. We hope to hear from you as you get ready for this year or finish up your indoor season, best of luck to all ...we'll see ya at the races!!!

Rodney Gaylor
Mike Fyffe

also taking orders for the 2014 Charger Dynasty
Its sad how people resort to stealing other men's properties to get what they want, you guys obviously worked hard for the equipment you have, and for them to just come in and take what isn't theirs is shameful, i dont know how people could live with themselves having something they stole...
Over $70,000 stolen and you guys probably didn't even have cameras in the shop or silent alarm attached to the police dept. WOW hard to believe . Sound like a inside job or an angry customer getting even. I hope you guys find these people.
I have known Rodney and his daughters since they started karting. It is a shame this has happened to them!
Not a nicer group of people will you ever meet.