Slack Chassis's Performance in the southeast?

I am very interested in getting into a new Slack, I ran Slacks in the northeast in the late 90's with great success, that was when Bob still had the company... I now live in SC and am riding a Impulse and am happy with it but would still really like to transition into the new Slack chassis, but have not seen any in this area and or if they can compete on the style tracks in the southeast. If anyone has any input please let me know.
I just got a new Xpect in Florida and won the opener for FDCS at Dirt Devils. We were 3 tenths faster than the field in Super Heavy and Qualified 7th out of 35 for the heavy race still running the 425 weight from Super Heavy. We only missed the pole in heavy by .07. The kart seems to have a lot of drive off and still turns well on exit. We actually had to take some of the turn out of it because it turned to well.
Nick and Josh did a lot of their testing on the new kart on the southern tracks, Maxxis tires, it performed better than the Axiom, and that was a tall order!!