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Mark Smith
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Slack Karts is proud to introduce the 2014 Slack Xpect. We have been testing for a little over a year now and we have designed the Xpect. We were happy with the results of the Axiom, but we knew we had to come out with a kart and components that will take our customers to the next level. Some of the new components are the ultra-lite 1 piece motor mount that is a half-pound lighter than our standard and dual mount. We are also introducing an aluminum steering up that has 5 degrees of angle built into it, along with an inch of adjustment to adjust for ultimate driver comfort. Too top that all off it’s about 40 percent lighter than our previous system. We cleaned the whole look of the kart by getting rid of the entire weld on pedal slug system, and coming out with a billet aluminum pedal system. The pedal system helps prevent driver fatigue when the heel bars are used by holding the driver into place. We’ve re-vamped our pill style adjustable cassettes by lighten them up by about a pound. We’ve also lightened up the seat strut bottoms by going to billet aluminum styles that are tapped eliminating the use of a nut. Last but not least is the billet aluminum brake line clamp that guides the brake lines without relying solely on zip ties.
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I saw nicks kart in Burris tour got the chance to really look it over really like that pedal talked to all the guys and were supper nice