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On my go-kart there is a joint that is open. Probably a 1-inch gap. If I put a clamp on it what would it do to my go-kart? It drives loose right now. Would it help my kart tighten up and drive better?
Here is a picture from when we first put the kart together. I have been running it just like that without a clamp.


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I dont know. I had a thread on identifying it a while ago but I will find it so you can take a look just to see what the chassis looks like.

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KIC 90 refers to the old Karting Industry Council, if I'm not mistaken, not the European "CIK" (Commission Internationale du Karting) that's a rules body. I would have guessed the '1309' to be the 13th chassis of 2009. But who knows on that... The front end and all the appearance seem "American" to me vs. European. Also if it's in inches, it's American. Beyond that, can't help much. Good luck with it!


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I had a Legend Extreme 3 that I played around with cutting the frame and running it with and without a clamp, at that time didn't have much experience and was still trying to figure out tires/prep but as I recall, it seemed to run best with the clamp in/on the frame (making more as it was designed and built to be originally)...