Small Diesels In The Power Equipment Field

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I will be writing an article on this subject when I have some free time. I need some opinions on the subject. In my article I will be covering areas such as the lack of emissions control (thats why you dont see small 3-5 hp diesels in America much) and developments in the Technology. I think I am eventually going to experiment with a simple EGR system for these neat little honda clone lookalikes that you can get over in china.
Not on my own of course. I am friends with a lot of Cummins people and I also Know a guy who experiments with such systems independently.
These little Diesel "clones" seem to use a lot of the same parts internally (ie: connecting rod, crankshaft and valves?) as the gasoline versions. Now if only there was a way to get the block and top ends here... :/

*Edit* Scratch that. The pictures were bogus. That's the problem with dealing with Chinese sellers, they are not consistent. The parts appear similar but not exact. I just want one of these things just to get to the bottom of their mysterious origin. Also I REALLY want to get a look at the fuel injection.... Curiosity bankrupted the cat....
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