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Hi everyone, I am a new karter and I'm excited to get into the sport. I bought a 2003 Birel Easy Kart that I am converting to a clone AKRA motor. The kart has a metal rear bumper and I need to convert it to plastic in order to run kart on the tracks. I have looked at some web sites to figure out what parts I need to make this happen but I have to tell you it is very confusing to me. Can anyone help me out, maybe even a vendor?

Just FYI, I'm running this kart for fun and don't plan to race and meet any regulations. I only need to change the rear bumper so I can get the kart on the tracks.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.


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Yikes that's an expensive switch . You in the UK ?
Trying to find used would be my go to .
Post something in the sprint classifieds .
Here's all you need . The frame size is about the only thing that will affect it and width . Sundog or Hamilton are up on this stuff maybe one will coment .


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The tracks you race at should have some idea what is near by . Folks in the pit area always have stuff at home or with them .and then theres the dreaded market place .
Post as a wanted in the classifieds .

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I welded some tabs on my metal bumper, and just bolted the plastic one to that. Easy. Do you still have the Easykart 125cc motor? It's still legal for TaG, and is basically an air-cooled Leopard. Anyhow, hope that helps re: bumper. You can ask around on the facebook sprint kart forums for a used one, even...

EDIT: Also, to avoid welding, find a stock car "weight bracket" with the proper tubing bore and clamp it on. I have a couple that I think are 1" bore. Most bumpers are probably closer to 3/4, but they could be shimmed with 5/8" rubber heater hose cut and sliced... I still have them if you need them, and I'll make you a fair deal.
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You may find that your local part shop has used stuff. It's not uncommon to see people scraping a kart because Tre frame is too worn/ bent. You might find all the hardware to mount a new plastic bjmper at the very least...


Where are you running that requires a CIK rear bumper?
Also, check the road race/enduro section of this forum below. Many convert from a CIK bumper to a full width metal bumper for aero reasons. Somebody might have one laying around. You'll likely have to buy the mounting brackets. Comet Kart Sales has everything you need if you want to buy new stuff.
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