Southeastern Predator Group Rules


Where can I find the latest Southeastern Predator Group Rules. I have the 2015 rules but I figure they have changed some. Thanks


To bad you can't get in touch with Bennie Wayne of Renegade Racing Engines. He designed the rules. He gave up on them after a few years because the tracks were allowing changes and foul play began.


It is ashamed that's the way it is. I have been out of racing four years or so. They have built a new track close to me. The thought of getting another kart has crossed my mind. I would run the stock predator class. The guy opening the track knows nothing about karts. I went to the track and talked to the owner yesterday. He said he would go along with whatever rules me and one of the guys that does race a predator came up with. We have 4 tracks that are within driving distance. Not for me but for them
Two of them are right at 90 miles, the other two are about 30 miles. All of them have a little different rules. Mainly cam. One of the track he runs at allows: pipe and muffler
Any of the CL cams
Aftermarket 10.8 valve springs
Top plate
The Holy Moses carb
Basically everything else stock. I would love to see it out of the box with the tach check but I just don't think it would work here. Thank you for the information
Hope we can talk more.