Southern Comfort Tire Treatments,LLC

Rain got us again today :(
Daytona getting ever so closer, remember if you need some proven, winning, Daytona Prep you can get it here at SoCo. Ill also have a little at the track with me as well.
I can still get some tires ready for Daytona, but time is running out QUICKLY.
Daytona was very good for us, multiple wins, plenty of top 5s. Was a very good track this year, and had a good time.
Prep is going out the door still, its not too late to get on with a proven treatment, one thats proven at the biggest races and saturday night shows, and get yourselves ready for the upcoming season. Also a Maxxis dealer and Van K dealer for if you are needing the whole package.
Lots of rain going on around here on the weekends, but we are able to get in a race every now and then.
Possibility of Foothills Friday night, if the race at Cherokee Speedway is cancelled for Saturday for the weather. We are going somewhere!!
Good thing about living here in the Carolinas in the winter, theres races Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, and usually at least 1 track will have a race able to get in.
Last couple weeks we been to Warrior Creek, and Cross Anchor, and we have many wins and top 3 finishes, and been lots of fun.
Looking forward to the Phat Daddy.
Lots of rain in the Upstate of SC, but we are still plugging along and getting to the track when possible.
Everyone please say a Prayer for the Owens family, Southern Pride racing family, as Ginger has went to be with the Lord.
Hopeful to get some racing in this weekend somewhere. We have had so much rain, and this past weekend i planned on a big RC car event, when i had a last minute family emergency and went to Fl for several days. And what did it do there.....rain :(
Anyways, so far 2019 has been good and i want to say thanks to every single one who has helped and supported!!
Official announcement:
Southern Comfort will be working with Jeremy Rice Motorsports for the last 4 Big 3 Series races and the whole Carolina Elite Series. Drivers Matt Taylor, Mason Mayo, and Chris Anglin, with the ownership of Jeremy Rice, and the support from Charger Racing Chassis, is a well equipped team. My help added to an already well equipped team, and the usage of Southern Comfort products, look for us at the front in the upcoming races.
Im excited and this weekend will be the 1st time together as a team for the 1st race of the Carolina Elite Series.
Was at the Big 3 Series this weekend, 6-7 wins overall, and lead another 5 i believe and just couldnt get that win. Was a good day for SoCo, and thanks to each and every customer, i appreciate the support.
Went to Sugar Tit this past weekend. Goob has put some new clay on the track, and for the 1st time on the clay it was a good track!!!
SoCo had lots of wins with some great runs by others.
SoCo has been winning all around the country over the past several weeks, from karts to cars to sprints. If you need help with your tires, give us a call and let us help.
The Dirt Track at Charlotte this weekend for karts is where ill be. May be a once in a lifetime race for karters at this place, but surely should be a fun time.
We are still winning races all over the country, if you need help, get with me or 1 of my dealers for help getting you to the winners circle.
Was at Big 3 series at GKK this past weekend, qualifying went very well within. 3 poles, 2nd, 3rd, and a 6th. Racing the track dried out even more, and tires had changed, ended up with 2 wins, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and a DNF.
Was a hot day, and a good day as well. Very blessed to do this as a living.
Thanks to all who use and support SoCo.
Big O at Patriot this weekend!! The spectator turn out at this event is the largest for karting, and the racing is the loudest of the year. One awesome event to be at.
Been winning all over the country still, the success has been wonderful and im blessed. Thanks to all for the support and the friendships made over these last 8 years , and the new ones that come in.
From the local Friday, Saturday night shows to the biggest races in the country, SoCo has still been up front and winning. If you need help with your program, dont hesitate to contact us.
Still knocking out the wins from the biggest races in the country to the local Friday/Saturday local shows.
Maxxis Nats this weekend, we will be right behind the bathrooms once again, come by and say hi.