Southern Kart Club Oct. 19&20


Looking to have a good turnoutfor the fall race. LO206s are looking to have a big numbers, and hopefully our vintage crew will be in full grid as well!
We plan to be there. Two CIK/LO206 karts and a twitchy 4 cycle big block. Might be taking a direct hit from Dorian soooo fingers crossed our gear survives!


Wish all you folks well down South.
Good luck and stay dry. We'll be thinking about you in the next days.
Clark Sr.


New member
What is the best tire to run in cki sprint lo206 class.

Something as hard as a rock. Concrete would be good. Track has tons of grip, 206 has no power, and you have to run wide rear tires so you will have more grip even from goodrocks then you know what to do with.