Spark Plug replacement


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your too late Rdub3 was the first, waiting on him now. but in all seriousness can you confirm? There are no x plugs in their latest racing plug catalog they offer 1039 1023 1024 (witch were all x plug numbers) but they are conventional spark plugs. the people on the phone at autolite say they are discontinued and the info Rbub3 doesn't disprove what i've been told.
Could be, I just know that right now they are plentiful. Possibly Briggs has cornered the market on them, LOL I have no idea.
After all the "drama" surrounding the changing of the spec plug for the 206 last time and the quality of the 3910X headed south, I'm not looking forward to another change anytime soon. I am still looking for 11s and 33s though. :)
Restricted Motors are bad for fouling plugs. A lot of Dads replace each race I'm told. I try to keep my little guy from sitting at idle at all if I can.

I bought one of those spark plug cleaners from HF. I run a plug new, clean it, run it again and toss it. I'm not losing a race over an $8 Plug.


if there are quality issues with Autolite plugs you would be better off using one that worked than throwing out a working plug and replacing it with a dud.


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Thats what caused us to toss them after 2 or 3 weekends.
Leading the race with 2 to go, and.......@#$%^&.
^^^^ really?
Ours was good to start the race, it was also over a month old?
Yes really.
You said replace a good one with a dud, how do you determine a dud?
By starting the engine maybe?