springs on a bully? nuts or bolts?


Are the springs held down with nuts on studs or bolts? Mine look like they are nuts and not a lot of threads holding it on if that makes sense.
Nut on a stud.. they should be blue loctited.. make sure they're all the same height if you adjust on them. Digital caliper.
I'm with Carlson don't loctite them the springs should have enough pressure on them to keep them from moving. Does your clutch stall and take off like you want it to ?
What color springs are on it/what class/how many bolts in lever?

Its a stud and a adjusting nut but the nut isnt like a regular little nut..the nut has a shaft that goes the length of the stud almost so its not going anywhere as long as you cant turn the spring with your fingers...you got to remember, those springs compress when your clutch engages..keeping a lot of force on the adjusting nuts..dont lock tight them..ive never had to and neither should you. Just keep on a rockin'
Should a bully two disk for jr1 have black springs and all weight bolts installed. What should be spring hight be. Weight is 260 on a clone. Right now mine is hitting at 3000 rpm.
yes that sounds about right pavehawk..black springs..2 bolts in each lever...3000 stall is good...just make sure spring heights are all equal..if there off then measure all 6 and record the spring height for each spring and add them all up and divide by 6..this will give you your spring height to achieve the exact stall you currently have.
As said above, do not use any lock-tite on the clutch spring nuts. I don't recommend using lock-tite on any parts of the clutch. As they heat cycle the bolts will be near impossible to remove if lock-tited. I've built clutches for year and never used a drop of it.
The spring nuts are held on with spring pressure, you have a minimum and a maximum spring height. If the spring height is too short, the spring will bottom out and not allow the clutch to fully engage. If it is too loose, the spring nut will back off and fall out.
You can find your recommended settings on the Bully webpage: http://buller.net/cat--Bully-Technical-Info--clutch_tech_info.html