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My latest spreadsheet, easy stagger calculator. Enter the diameter of your turn, from the center of the outside tire, to the center of the outside tire, close estimate is okay. Measure your rear tread width center to center. Enter the circumference of your outside tire. Enter the circumference needed for your inside tire so that the number of turns matches. Get as close as you can.

There are 2 copies of the same spreadsheet. As you can see, the bottom one has a different tread width than the top one. 1 inch difference in this example. Notice how little difference it makes in stagger. About .050". The biggest difference shows up when you change the width of the turn. In this example I estimate the inside lines of the track be about 60 feet wide with the track itself being 20 foot wide, total 100 feet.


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Was there a problem with using a tape measure like we have been using successfully for decades? I can appreciate the use of your spreadsheet if we lived in a perfect world where nothing changes, track corners are symmetrical, as is the path followed on the track, but dirt oval racing is far from that. We go to a track and almost by intuition have a pretty good idea of a starting point for stagger and make minor adjustments if needed. Mostly on dirt we make camber and caster adjustments to fine tune. There isn't a whole lot of stagger choices in most guys trailers but enough to get you in the ballpark.


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You have a calculator for stagger Al and I have two questions for you.

1. What does stagger do?
2. How do you use stagger?

Your offering a spreadsheet calculator for finding needed stagger.
If you can't answer those two questions how can you expect your spreadsheet to be valid?

3rd question just thought about:
3. How are questions 1 and 2 incorporated into your spreadsheet?

Statement 1:
Proly because my questions are dumb and stupid as usual and have nor bearing what so ever on stagger and it's use.