stalker help

I'm wanting to change out and update my stalker bearing cassettes ect. I was looking into the triton chassis. Would those parts work on mine? Or I there a place I can but the stuff like that, the stuff that wears out. I have had the kart 2 years and never though of putting better stuff on it and I have no idea how old the current stuff is. Any help is appreciated.
Call Phantom and they should be able to help you out. Bearings are bearings. You can remove what you have and actually have Fastenal or a local supplier get them.
I know. But I thought all the stuff. Idk all the names of parts on the rear end on like the triton elite was all better than what I have now. And will cut down on drag ect?
Would there be a benefit of changing them? Or what all should I change. The guy that had this kart. Had a lot of junk. So idk how old or the maintenance program he had. Just trying to get rid of anything that might slow me down