Stalker upgrade

I intend to run an occasional asphalt road course event with a clone on my Stalker, just to have fun with when I attend vintage events that also run some more modern classes. I know of offsets doing pretty well on tracks which have a majority of LH turns so I want to give this thing a try. My question is: The Stalker has a pill type front end. Would I be better to change it to a heim front or work with it as a pill type? Any set-up ideas are welcome as I am more accustomed to straight rail karts. Thanks in advance. :) -Alan-
A LTO kart is so different from a sprint kart I don't see how they could work on a sprint track. Outside to outside on the rear wheels of a sprint kart can be from 50 inches to 55 inches. The front is a lot wider and the wheels are way out on the Spindles. Most important, the left weight and the cross weight are the same.
Not saying it can't be done, and if you're up to it, give it a try.
As far as more left turns, any track run counter clockwise is going to have more left turns.
If you update the front end it'll get stiffer or wider or both. No matter what, it won't really be a Stalker after that and most of the knowledgebase which exists for it won't apply. Of course, running the kart on a sprint track pretty much throws the knowledgebase thing out anyway. I think I'd ride it like it is before I put too much time and effort into it.