Start of the race


How do some of the tracks you run start the race? We have two codes set up in the turn. The flag man is supposed to give the green flag in between the two cones. The pole guy is not supposed to start before the flag is given. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
I have seen and ran a couple of tracks that had a white line painted across the track which I liked myself. Gives you something to look at. Generally the pole guy would start when he got to the white line and the flag man would wave the green flag okaying the start. Just wondering how other tracks do it. I ran at one track that would make you almost creep to the start line then give you the green flag. Never did like that. Just wondering what some of the rest of the tracks do.


Dawg 89
And occasionally theres a cone cant go before that .
We were tail end charlie one time . Driver laid way back , to get a run .
Got the black flag on that one .


two lines in between turn 3 and 4 that make a 'blast' box anywhere in the box pole can start the race. if they don't punch it in the box its anybody's game.