Steering upright

Have a icon with excessive play in steering can move it a good 1/2in left to right no play up or down what could cause this upright wore out???


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Possibly or its been shortened with no material below the bolt hole .
They weren't real tight to begin with .
The bolt hole in the stem , could also be oval which would allow more movement.
3 possible solutions.
Replace stem , shim the od for tighter fit or replace the 5/16 bolt with 3/8 bolt .
Inspecting the base of stem first .
It hasnt been could be right the hole maybe ovaled out so probably could just drill to 3/8 bolt and be good and maybe wrap a couple rounds of tape around bottom


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Factory bolt has a cap head that sits inside the hole on the frame part of the post holder. A regular bolt will have a lot of play.


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Most people incorrectly just run a bolt through the hole.

You need to have a 1/4" cap head bolt. One hole is larger then the other, so the cap head actual sits down inside the hole on the chassis spud, which pins the post against the spud when tightened