Stinger clutch


So i took my clutch apart, (did no maintance during the season). The whole cartridge is gonna be replaced for sure. But when i took it apart. The shoes looked pretty worn with grooves in them. Them same grooves are on the inside of the basket. Should i just buy a whole new clutch at this point?


I just wanted to make sure it wasnt gonna be an issue of the contact on the engage.

Maybe im thinking wrong but i was thinking kinda like new brake pads on old rotors...


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Ok . The inside of your drum is grooved up . Gotcha .
Yes thats similar .
One thing thats been done is mount it in a lathe and remove some material .As in resurfacing a brake drum .
Sound pretty tore up .


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Think of it the same as brake rotors, Dylan.
Light scratches are just fine -- deep grooves - not so much.
If they sand out, keep it and keep running it. If it needs turned on a lathe, it's probably already scored too deeply to fix in my opinion.

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Depends on what motor its being used with, a stock predator for example, id probably put a new set of shoes and springs on it and call it good, anything with more power, probably wouldnt want to take a chance of losing a race due to clutch failure, would get a new one or try to find a nice used one for sale somewhere


I have no problem buying a new one and keeping this for parts. Just wanted to check condition before putting new cartrudge in it


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Looks like from outside a flat the a groove a small flat then more groove near the driver . In pic , post #7 . If thats the case. It is a spare .