Stripped Head Bolt


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No but I've done intake and exhaust . Simple job .


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I have twice that I remember in 15 plus years. The first time I did it I was a little skeptical but never had an issue as long as I owned the engine (3-4 racing seasons). The second time, well that engine is still roaring the streets on a mini bike.
We have done it many times. Good luck if it's @ the #7 head bolt though -- you'll lose head gaskets there even more than normal.
Stacking heli-coils can be a real chore keeping them in time too, but it's important to do that so that the cylinder is distorted & supported similarly to the other good bolt thread holes.

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I've made my own thread inserts on the lathe. Used Devcon as a sealer. Fel-Pro makes an aluminum epoxy that works great also. Never had a problem with them, even on modifieds.


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thinwall thread inserts are a much better option. honestly, I hate helicoils but that's just me