Suggestions for building as much power as possible!


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I'm going to be running a class this season which the only engine rules are it has to be a clone engine with a stock style carb. Which you can do whatever you want to it. So that said just looking for some opinions in where to start on making as much horsepower as possible!
depends on where you run....motor for a large oval can be configured one way while a small tight oval can be another. camming, heads, all depends....tell us more about the track.....and what others are running.....
While shoving the biggest piston in it (2.815) without resleeving the block. also jam as much crankshaft stroke in it too. .175-.200
no matter what track size, start with more displacement. then add the appropriate cam, timing, ect, for the track application. Stock carb must be used ? A built carb to run on Methanol with a venturi bore of .650-.670 should put you close to matching the engine. a thousand ways to build these things. lol
Good Luck....
Skys the limit along with the thickness of your wallet. +.060 or +.,175 stroker crank (balanced) billet rod flat top piston big valve ported head for starters and an adjustable billet flywheel.
There is no replacement for displacement! These guys are right the bigger the bore and stroke the more air u can SUCK thru that little carb.... Longer stroke will help with a small carb more than piston because it's pulling in fuel and air longer
I agree w/ all the above! Make sure you stuff it w/ the longest rod available also!! An 'engine' is simply an are-pump...the Bigger it is, the Better it is! The carburator will be your choke(?) Maybe somebody out there can offer max air flow data on a .670 SA carb that could tell you where the point-of-no-return would be on the motor menu. I am also curious about the 'track' criteria your running on....(1) or many? (ie: cam's...lash....timing...flywheel...etc) I 'wud' advise against the 'blue-bottle' however, as it could go 'Ka-Boom' fairly easily! :)
Remember an engine is a self driven air compressor, and volumetric efficiency is key to it's operation............Think about all the variables!!!!!!!!!!!!! More in........ more out............... but A Lot in-between, to get That correct