Super Kart Racing for iOS and Android - Art Preview


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So I once I had a lively thread on here for my karting game, but it seems to have vanished with the forum transition that happened last fall? Well, my name is James Arndt and I'm working on a karting game for the iOS and Android phones and tablets. You can find more info at

I've finally got around to capturing some gameplay images and video. I've neglected updates far too long, but I have been working on the game quite a bit lately.




And lastly some low res gameplay video. Please forgive the framerate issues, they are a result of the screen capture software.


Working on the garage area for kart selection. I had a really tough design constraint to try to work around with the decals. The karts can be painted several different colors and when I first used full color decals, some of the decals didn't match with the paint color currently selected. I am thinking I will be going back to simpler black and white decals.

Yep in the old thread I had up we were discussing this. I planned on using this as a base, converting the physics and kart models and producing a dirt track version. Model out new tracks as well based on real world locations.
Hi everyone. I've put a forum up on Super Kart Racing's main web site for folks to follow the progress of this game in one place. If you have interest in this game, go on over and create a discussion!

Latest update on a WIP track called Sandy Beach Speedway.

Still in a rough beta state. I'm not happy with the look of the "starting" light graphics. The camera follow also has issues when I drive up onto the banked oval.