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Currently running clone 425 class and I am having issues with take off when the leader takes off i cant keep up with kart in front of me until the first lap or so, engine is turning up and getting rpms like it should, what else can i check or change? Thanks

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Could be the clutch not engaging right, gearing being off could be part of it, tires being to far off could be part of it, but most off the time with this it's motor is just not a strong motor, just because your getting your R.P.M does not mean it's a strong motor.
You may be off a tooth or 2 on the rear gear, try going up 1 or 2 teeth on the rear,or taking a tooth off the clutch driver...A lil more info can go along way.....What is your present gearing and the track size.

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Assuming you're both very close to the class minimum weight, I can think of a couple of things that might help. At what RPM is your engine when you 1st get on it? It should be at maximum torque RPM. Very very important. What jets are you running in the carburetor? If the engine is a little lean on the low speed jet,, that can slow you down on the starts.