Taking the year off


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So my head gasket issue on my 98 dodge pick up turned sour! Had the heads checked at a machine shop, and both of them are cracked. Motors got 207,000 mi on er! That being said Im just gonna yank it out and over haul it. And fix a few other things. I priced a few trucks and ya Id rarther just take some time off and get it all fixed up! I guess being a spectator cant be that bad? we shall see! Unleast I got another vehicle to drive so could be worse I guess, Just sucks!!!!!!!!
Sorry to hear that, was hoping it was just gaskets for ya...instead of spectating, you could help someone out at the track!..
Check the boneyards. I've had good luck with used motors and transmissions around here from 1 location. Gives a warranty, so if it acts up they will supply another. Won't pay labor though.

Just a thought.
i found a engine for my dodge ram at salvage , my buddy owns the salvage yard . so i got top shelf service it had 64,000 actual miles . i now have 140,080 miles on it . all i have done is change water pump last year :)
i know , i know ....how did he know the milage on a junk yard truck . his Uncle bought the truck brand new from dealership . and his son rolled it , while out drinking . and my buddy drug it to the yard with the wrecker ! so i ended up with the engine and the son ended up back in Jail !!!!!! a win-win for me and the justice system :cool:
yep i would just find a salvage yard with good reputation and waranty program . get engine , change out oil pump and replace plugs and wires , or if ones oncurrent engine are good swap them over and roll-out :)
How about a couple of new or reconditiond heads. if it ran fine before it should still.
A donor vehicle or engine, even used heads .
obviously if you overhaul it you still gotta buy 2 heads .
could throw a lot of money in and be not any better of.
Thanks for the replys! I most likely will be helping a few folks this year. Ive researched used motors, long blocks, crates, junkyards etc. I can get the motor machined and built to how I want it with aftermarket reinforced heads and mild cam cheaper than a long block or a used one I know nothing about. In the long haul I think its a better option for me. I can also fix a few other things on it while shes apart. The fortunate thing is I work right next to a machine shop that has been around since Christ!haha.
I will say this...we sat out this past year ...it was definately one of the hardest things we had to do...especially since its something that Brittany enjoys doing. This year we have plans on racing but it really depends on if I am able to get another job...where Im at now keeps me working Saturdays...went today for an assesment test for Nucor steele...hopefully I will know something in the next couple of months. Not only is it weekends off but probably about 25-30 grand more a year.
new/rebuilt heads on an older bottom end is not a good idea, especially on a 207k motor. the tighter seal capacity of the heads will find the weak spots and typically blow the rings out of an older bottom end. rebuild or replace it, save yourself some headaches. BTDT.
Got the motor out today and will be going to the machine shop! Getting it built a little better than what it came as in 1998!